Exclusive to Tara Donors


A 3-night travel extension offered after conclusion of the core program

Extend Your Visit to Meet Grassroots Change-makers

This extension in Bumthang is a glorious opportunity for the esteemed Tara Donors to continue their immersion into the ancient heritage of Bhutan. As one of the most historic dzongkhags (judicial districts) in the country, Bumthang is home to one of the oldest and most venerated temples in the Kingdom.

Every aspect of this bespoke itinerary has been carefully crafted to forge the most meaningful connections amidst an enriching cultural experience. Key highlights include private charter trips, conversations with rural women entrepreneurs and special prayer ceremonies.

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Paro / Dechen Pelri / Bumthang – Day 1

Private Charter Flight to Dechen Pelri

Continuing your immersive experience from the Core Program, pick up a private charter and absorb the stunning scenery en route to the remote landing strip of Gelephu in Southern Bhutan.


A Grand Bhutanese Welcome

Upon arrival in Dechen Pelri, village leaders, district officials and local women change-makers will greet you with a grand, traditional Bhutanese welcome. A taste of their warm hospitality to come!


Meeting with the Change-makers

Meet the real heroes of Dechen Pelri: a group of rural women taking leadership to the next level with the introduction of initiatives such as a brick processing unit.


Dechen Pelri Village Immersion

After a ceremonial offering of tshok tshang, revel in the soulful stories of the village leaders, residents and their children, whilst enjoying a delicious lunch.


Private Charter Flight to Bumthang

Now begins your real vacation with a short but very scenic private charter to Bumthang – spiritual heartland of Bhutan and gateway to the East.

Introduction to Bhutan’s Cultural Heritage

Bumthang is the perfect destination to soak up the cultural heritage of Bhutan. This fascinating dzongkhag boasts the nation’s highest concentration of ancient temples, historic sites and sacred monuments.

Accommodation at Mountain Lodge

2 nights stay at Bhutan’s best family-owned and operated property.


Bumthang – Day 2


Morning Ride to Mebar Tsho

Following a relaxed evening, day two begins with a leisurely morning bike ride to Tang village, culminating at the renowned Mebar Tsho or Burning Lake.


Traditional Butter Lamp Ritual

On the shores of the sacred lake of Mebar Tsho, take part in an ancient ceremony, performed by the local priest, who will guide you to make wishes with traditional butter lamp offerings. A special moment for quiet reflection and gratitude.


A Casual Riverside Picnic Lunch

During a sumptuous picnic lunch, relish regional delicacies, accompanied by traditional buckwheat pancakes, homemade cheeses and locally brewed beers. Now doesn’t that sound tempting?

The Bumthang Heartland Immersion

Bhutan’s unique and colorful history is immortalized in their famed woollen Yathra textiles. Learn about the techniques and intricacies behind traditional designs during a visit to one of Bumthang’s weaving centres. Afterwards, enjoy a leisurely walking tour of the town and nearby Lhakhangs (temples).


A Local Farmhouse Dinner

As evening draws close, delve deeper into the culture of Bhutan by savouring the delights of a traditional feast, hosted in one of Bumthang’s authentic heritage homes.


Bumthang / Paro – Day 3

An Inside Look at the Monastic Life in Bhutan

Take a peek into the lives of Bhutanese monks at one of the district’s most popular monastic schools.


A Tranquil Morning of Activities

Spend a relaxed morning before hopping aboard your private charter back to Paro.


Sunset Drinks & Closing Dinner

Here, we bid farewell to the Land of the Thunder Dragon, over sunset drinks and a sumptuous dinner at Bhutan’s most beautiful lobby.

Accommodation at Zhiwaling

Closing night at Bhutan’s magnificent, Nat-Geo featured property.