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Set in the pristine Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, where leaders lead selflessly, true happiness takes priority, and sustainable development is law, women and men from across the globe will meet to learn, connect, be inspired and be empowered in the pursuit of four ideals: peace, democracy, sustainability and equality. Over four days and nights, we learn indoors, reflect outdoors and socialise at night, surrounded by mountains under blue skies amidst mother nature.

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OCT 31

Thimphu – Day 1

03 - Our Health & Our Happiness

Session 1

The Inspirational Story of Bhutan

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03 - Our Health & Our Happiness

Session 2

Gross National Happiness

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03 - Our Health & Our Happiness

Session 3

Our Health & Our Happiness

Explore the drivers of true happiness, framed by the four pillars of GNH and informed by many years of carefully curated data and insights. Self-reflect on your own health and happiness and begin the journey towards the best version of yourself.

04 - Tour of Buddha Point

Tour of Buddha Point

Warmed by the late afternoon sun, visit Buddha Point, location of the world’s tallest sitting Buddha. Soak up the extraordinary atmosphere of this spiritual site, before hoisting your personal prayer flag over the stunning Thimphu Valley.

An Authentic Heritage Dinner

Celebrate your first evening in Bhutan, along with your fellow change-makers, as you gather over traditional drinks and dinner in an authentic Bhutanese heritage home; a flavor of some of the exquisite cuisine to come!

06 - Toast to Thimphu Dzong

Toast to Thimphu Dzong

With the magnificent Thimphu Dzong forming a dazzling backdrop, enjoy the stunning night-time view, as glasses are raised in honor of your arrival in the Land of the Thunder Dragon.


Thimphu – Day 2

A Visit to National Memorial Chorten

The morning begins with a visit to the National Memorial Chorten; the magnificent stupa erected to honor the memory of the Kingdom’s beloved third king, the father of modern Bhutan.

Session 4

The Investment Case for Women

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03 - The Characteristics of Great Leaders

Session 5

The Characteristics of Great Leaders

Pierce through the general discussion of leadership and transcendent orators, and seek bedrock in the traits of the leaders we aspire to emulate. With these traits identified, explore the amplification of these attributes within your own behaviors, style and comfort zone.

04 - The Rule of Law & Good Governance

Session 6

The Rule of Law & Good Governance

Explore the principles, policies and mechanisms employed by the most respected, productive governments around the globe. Learn how leaders advocated for change, discuss how to carry these important messages back home and begin formulating strategies to support marginalized people in our own communities.

Session 7

Preserving Culture Wisely

Discuss the context and conditions that support cultural diversity and a society’s broad appreciation of the differences in belief systems, values and customs that make humanity so interesting.

06 - Our Stories by Grassroots Change-Makers

Our Stories by Grassroots Change-Makers

During dinner on our second evening, hear directly from four local Bhutanese leaders as they share their inspirational stories of changing lives in our host country. Watch immersive videos providing diverse narratives from India, Columbia, Nigeria and elsewhere.

07 - Bhutan’s Local Bar Scene

Bhutan’s Local Bar Scene

End the day with a contrast! Become a part of Bhutan’s modern music scene as you savor a local beer, and simply enjoy soaking up the atmosphere, at one of Thimphu’s favorite night spots — Mojo Park.


Paro – Day 3

A Sunrise Meditation

In a land abundant with temples and holy men, begin your morning mindfully with a sunrise meditation session, guided by an expert Lama. Find your center, calm your breath and prepare yourself gently for the day ahead.

02 - Conserving our Environment

Session 8

Conserving our Environment

Understand the policies and practices in Bhutan and other parts of the world that promote reverence, care and sustainability for the precious resources our lives depend on. Importantly, discuss practical ways for you to be change-makers in your own communities, leading both by example and through high-impact, fact-based advocacy.

Session 9

Equitable Socio-Economic Development

Explore the philosophies and models employed in successful communities around the world. Learning from experts and through discussion with attendees, you will return home inspired by new ideas and supported by a global network of change-minded leaders.

Session 10


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Session 11


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Ascend the Dochula Pass

Weather permitting, ascend the 3000 meters Dochula Pass, connecting with the spectacular environment en route.Whilst experiencing the breathtaking journey, you will be equally astounded by the dramatic views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks that await you at your destination.

07 - Immersion in Bhutan with Indigenous Games

Immersion in Bhutan with Indigenous Games

Courtesy of the Royal Family, an exclusive experience awaits: the opportunity to indulge in customary Bhutanese sports (archery for example) and lunch at the Grand Druk Wangyel festival grounds.

An Array of Mesmerizing Cultural Performances

Soak up the stunning valley atmosphere of your evening’s location whilst being bedazzled by an array of cultural performances.With a roaring bonfire to keep you warm and cosy, and breathtaking sunset views overlooking the stunning Paro Dzong to keep you company, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect way to end the day.


Paro – Day 4

Session 12

The Wrap

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Pilgrimage Hike to Tiger’s Nest

Happiness, health and wellbeing take centre stage as you undertake a pilgrimage hike to the majestic — and precipitously perched — Tiger’s Nest, known locally as the Taktsang. A perfect opportunity to truly reflect on the connections you’ve made and what inspires you, as you make this journey.

03 - I’m Inspired, I’m Engaged Closing Dinner

I’m Inspired, I’m Engaged Closing Dinner

Reflect on the last four days you will never forget. Celebrate the present surrounded by new friends and basking in life-long inspiration. Look forward to an enlightened future, brimming with confidence in your deep understanding of your own health and well-being, your flourishing leadership capabilities and your ability to achieve meaningful change in your community and beyond. We leave Bhutan with specific, concrete opportunities for engagement in Bhutan, at home and abroad.


A Donation Amount To JSW Law or GIWPS

Self-direct this amount to one of two extraordinary institutions that empower women.

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Punakha Extension

A Custom Tailored Kira and Gho

Attendees will have the opportunity to select their own colours and pattern prior to arrival. This beautiful traditional dress will be custom tailored, given to guests upon arrival and be worn for our closing dinner together.

Treasures of the Thunder Dragon

Attendees will receive a copy of Treasures of the Thunder Dragon prior to arrival. Through Her book, Her Majesty the Queen Mother shares a portrait of Her country with a captivating blend of personal memoir, history, folklore and travelogue.

A Personal Concierge to Assist All Your Travel Needs

From booking your packages, flights to arranging your Bhutan visa, our concierge service is available to assist your requests and answer any questions.


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